The monuments of ancient Egypt are awe inspiring. The River Nile, the world’s longest river which, the Sphinx, the world’s largest sculpture made from a single block of stone, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sinai Desert and the Red Sea are all mysterious and exciting sites to visit and better understand the origin of monotheistic religions and Christianity in particular. Joseph was sold by his brothers into slavery and became a great lord in Egypt, Moses freed the Hebrews from hundreds of years of slavery to the Pharaohs and the Apostle Mark spoke the word of God in Alexandria and founded the Church of Alexandria, which today is part of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Copts believe that the head of St. Mark remains in a church named after him in Alexandria, and parts of his relics are in St. Mark’s Cairo’s Cathedral. Egypt is a place not only of natural beauty but of spiritual significance too.

Tour Code
Departure Date
SAMPLE ITINERARY – 6 night Biblical tour of Egypt
15th October 2026
English Speaking Local Guide - Dates As Requested

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