Israel is the land of the bible and holy to three great religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jesus was born in Israel and led his miraculous life in the holy land. Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee are all real places in Israel that you can visit and walk where Jesus walked. Jerusalem, the cave of the patriarchs, the temple mount, Armageddon, via Dolorosa, Tiberias, the Jordan River and many other places noted in the bible are beautiful places to hold worships and connect to new meanings. Israel has a very hot summer and a cool winter. The terrain ranges from high, green mountains in the North to arid desert in the south, a Mediterranean coastline with sandy beaches in the west and the phenomenal Dead Sea and Judean Desert in the east. Israel is a small, very special area that is easily crossed in one day! All the way from green mountains to hot desert! The best times to visit are either in the spring between March and May or in the autumn in October-November. These times are best for weather, for avoiding crowds and best opportunities for good rates on flights and accommodation.