Are you an enthusiastic, mature member of your community? Do you dream of a visit the holylands? If the answer is yes then keep reading! With a little bit of organisation (and our years of experience) you could take a group of your community members to visit some of the most meaningful sites to Christianity. Your chance for a journey of a lifetime. Many have said that their 10 day pilgrimage was worth years of bible study. Seeing the land of the bible with fellow parishioners is an incomparable spiritual experience and you could play a vital part.

What You Can Do


Get to know how community feels about pilgrimages, travel, weather and hotels. What are their expectations and what is their budget. Once you have this information we can help you create the most suitable pilgrimage for your group.

Recruit a spiritual leader

This will set the spiritual tone and theme of your pilgrimage and is of utmost importance. Ideally this individual will be a charismatic, outgoing person who loves Christianity, travel and people. This individual should be a fairly well know individual in your community – someone people want to spend time with.

Set the date

Once the date is set you can promote the pilgrimage as reality. This is not a dream – this is actually happening.

Book your pilot trip

It’s well advised to arrange an introductory tour for the pilgrimage and the spiritual leaders in preparation for leading your pilgrimage. These pilot trips may be eligible for discounts as airlines and tour operators will afford these in anticipation of the 25-35 participants to join your pilgrimage.


Consistently and positively in your community and even reach out to neighbouring or affiliated parishes. Have information evening and send out updates. Let everyone know that the group is growing – this will cause a snowball effect and more people will book and pay their deposit.


Find those meaningful passages in the bible and plan your visit. Choose the hymns and psalms you would like to include in the worship sessions. Involve fellow pilgrims in creating the spiritual programme.


This will be the core of your pilgrim experience. Visit and worship where Jesus worshiped and preached. We have access and knowledge of beautiful and meaningful sites and can help you decide where you want to visit. Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Capernaum – all holy places in Israel, the heart of your first pilgrimage. Many pilgrimages are so successful that they become a fixture in the life of a community. Every few years the group will visit a new destination together such as holy sites Italy, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.

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