Ministry tours are led by specific Pastors/Preachers/Church leaders/Organisations or Musicians who have a wide knowledge of the Biblical lands and the scriptures.  The tour guide will normally provide the historic and archaeological background to these famous and spectacular sites and the leader will give their spiritual overlay. Unlike the regular tours, they offer the opportunity of worship in the Bible Lands. Most evenings there will be an opportunity for praise, worship and teaching as well as discussion about the highlights on the itinerary. We hold approximately 6 to 8 of these very popular tours each year, typically during the spring and autumn months. This is an ideal tour for those who wish to truly experience a spiritual understanding of the Bible Lands.

The main destinations for Ministry tours are to Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Italy. Israel and Jordan tours would generally trace Jesus footsteps whilst tours of Turkey would be based around the ministry of St Paul. Italy is the most popular location for Roman Catholic-based tours with the Vatican City and Rome, the highlights of the tour.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Bible come to life.

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