We offer a range of tours which are available almost every week. These tours are guaranteed, by this we mean that no minimum number is required to ensure their departure. The only weeks these tours are not available are when the tours fall on the dates of Pesach (Passover) and Sukkoth (The Feast of Tabernacles). For operational reasons during these festivals it is impractical to offer regular tours. However, on the remaining 49 weeks these tours can be booked by, individuals, couples, or numbers of any size at very short notice (subject to availability).

Regular tours have a fixed itinerary and offer a range of hotel standards. They also offer a variety of tour duration, the Holy Land Tour (The most popular of the tours) which is largely focused on the sites important in the ministry of Jesus, has a 7night and 10 night format. These tours do not have a minister or priest as a leader and are solely led by the guide. Prices depend on season and hotel standard. Other regular tours included Classic Tours which have a more general content and Jewish Heritage Tours for those wishing to discover or understand the roots of the faith.

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