We specialize in designing tours with group leaders so that the content and form meets precisely the need of a church, fellowship, or group. The normal starting point is getting a quotation. Normally the first question potential group members will ask is how much will it cost? The factors which are the main deciders in the final cost are the following:

  • The number of nights the tour is to contain. Most commonly packages are 7 nights (Often referred to as 8 days) or 10 nights (11 days). Tours of other lengths are also occasionally requested.
  • The standard of the hotels/kibbutzim requested (3 stars, 4 stars etc.)
  • The location of the hotel. Hotels on the shore of Galilee are higher priced, hotels close to the Old City are higher priced and hotels in Arab communities tend to be lower in price.
  • The airline chosen.
  • The time of year. Generally travelling in UK School holidays or when there are major Jewish or Christian Festivals will increase the cost significantly.

As a general rule the itinerary itself will not have an effect on the price. There are one or two more unusual extras folk ask for such as a “Biblical Lunch”, The Sound and Light Show, or a trip to a Jewish Folk evening that will affect the price, but this is rarely significant.

Please email us on tours@travelinkuk.com for more info.

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