We specialise in designing inspirational tours where the content meets precisely the need of a church, organisation, group or specific individual. Normally the first question potential group members will ask is, how much will the tour cost? The factors which are the main deciders in the final costing are the following:

  • The number of nights. Most commonly, packages are for 7 nights (Often referred to as 8 days) or 10 nights (11 days). Tours of other lengths are also occasionally requested.
  • The standard of the hotels requested (3 stars, 4 stars etc.)
  • The location of the hotel. Generally speaking, hotels which are in the city centre will be more expensive than the outskirts of the city. If they have sea views for example, this will obviously add a premium.
  • The airline. Different airlines will naturally have various pricing policies depending on their business models. Budget airlines like EasyJet are likely to be cheaper than British Airways for example. The departure airport also plays a factor in the price where Heathrow is usually more expensive than Luton, due to heavier airport taxation charges.
  • The time of year. Travelling during European School holidays or when there are major Jewish or Christian Festivals will increase the cost significantly.

As a general rule the itinerary itself will not have an effect on the price. Any additions to the itinerary which are added after we have quoted, which were not included in the original itinerary the quote was based upon, will incur a small supplement.

We arrange tours to a variety of destinations from Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Greece as well as Israel.

Please email us on info@travelinkuk.com for more info.

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