TBN Presents Hope & Grace Israel Tour 5th-12th March 2018 – Monday Departure

Departure Day: 2018/03/05 Country: Israel Leader: TBNUK Representative

Pastor Joel Osteen & Pastor Joseph Prince (see left)

Hosted by Matt & Laurie Crouch, presidents of the TBN International, the tour will include several glorious praise and worship services as well as a baptismal service at the Jordan River, with special ministry guests Pastor Joseph Prince and Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen and special musical guests Brian and Jenn Johnson from Bethel Music will be leading worship at some of Israel’s most iconic venues.

Monday 5th March 2018

Your journey of a lifetime starts with a 14:20 EL AL flight (see right) arriving at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv around 21:05 local time, you will be served a meal on board. On arrival you will be met by our experienced Israel Guide and Driver who will escort you to residence for the week, none other than the beautiful Kibbutz Neve Ilan located in the Judean Hills just outside the Holy city of Jerusalem

Tuesday 6th March 2018

We start the day with the glorious classic view of Jerusalem from the summit of the Mount of Olives, (see left) We continue our journey down the Palm Sunday path where Jesus made his entrance into Jerusalem. Onto, the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested by the Romans having been betrayed by Judas. We will visit the City of King David which will include a special movie presentation as well as the excitement of the walk through the wet, dark and windy Hezekiah’s tunnel. (Please bring some old trainers/sandals and wear shorts for this). We will see the Upper room, the site of the Last Supper, Mount Zion and we will finish the day with a visit to the Western (Wailing) Wall, the last remaining part of the Temple.

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Today begins with Lions Gate (One of the seven gates which enter the Old city of Jerusalem, also known as St Stephens Gate), we move onto St Anne’s Church where if you have a little sing song you can hear the amazing acoustics with its high ceilings, “your voice will echo in eternity”. Next, the Pool of Bethesda which will be of great use if you are in need of healing, Ecce Homo (Antonio’s Fortress, the place Jesus was judged by Pontus Pilate), we continue to walk along the 14 stations known as the way of the Cross & into the Jewish Quarter which includes the Cardo & Broad wall. In the evening we have the first of our special events located at the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount. (see right)

Thursday 8th March 2018

Today is one of the learning highlights as you experience the Israel Museum and its amazing reconstruction 1:50 scale of the Temple. (see left) Your guide will talk you through how the temple would have looked and the accuracy of the reconstruction is almost certainly valid due to the works and writing of Josephus Flavius who records how the Temple looked. Whilst here, you will also see the Shrine of the Book which houses parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls including the complete book of Isaiah. Then we will experience many emotions as we walk round the Holocaust Museum to witness the suffering of the Jewish people under Nazi Germany. We will have a quick view of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), followed by a memorable trip into Bethlehem to see the place where it all began 2000 years ago.

Friday 9th March 2018

This is our first experience of Galilee where Jesus lived most of his life and conducted the majority of his teachings. We will first visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus famously preached his sermon on the Mount. (Here you will see upon entrance the rather amusing sign “No Guns prohibited”), the site is under Roman Catholic control and as such a strict dress code is required. Onto Capernaum, a fishing village which played a huge role in the ministry of Jesus. We are then blessed with a Boat ride (see right) on the Calm waters of the Sea of Galilee, always a highlight of the tour. We make a stop for St Peter Fish Lunch (Tilapia) before a final visit to Tabga (Feeding of 5000 site). In the evening we have our 2nd of the special events located at Tzemach by the Lake.

Saturday 10th March 2018

This is one of most relaxing days of the tour, a trip down to the Dead Sea area (see left) where we will first experience Qumran, the place where a young boy discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Caves. Onto Masada where we ascend by Cable Car rather than the very windy Snake Path. This ancient Fortress is one of Jewish greatest symbols as it is the place where the last Jewish stronghold against the Romans took place. We end the day with a relaxing swim in one of the Dead Sea Spa’s. Here you can shave 10 years off your age by covering yourself in the Dead Sea mud before floating away on the waters which feel like oil and are of course very salty. In the evening we have our third event located at Qsar El Yahud, the authentic Baptismal site of Jesus on the Jordan River.

Sunday 11th March 2018

Our penultimate day starts with a trip to Nazareth where we climb the summit of Mt Precipice, another climb to the summit follows as we ascend Mt Carmel where Elijah defeated the Prophets of Baal. We then visit the Caesarea National park (The place where Pontus Pilate lived). Finally, we have our final special event at Caesarea (see right) and we will have special final evening dinner at the Port Café.

Monday 12th March 2018

Our trip of a lifetime comes to an end with a mid-morning visit to the Garden Tomb, (see left) a very special place to finish before a last minute chance to explore the wild scense of the Jerusalem Shuk for some unusual souvenirs to bring home to impress both friends and family. The guide will bring your journey to an end with a transfer to Ben Gurion Airport to catch your 17:15 flight home, arriving at London Heathrow for approximately 20:50 local time.

Brian & Jenn Johnson (Bethel Music see right)

Your Tour At A Glance:

7 Nights

– Accommodation at 4* Kibbutz Neve Ilan Hotel

15 meals included

– (7 Breakfasts, 7 Evening Dinners & 1 Special St Peter’s Fish Lunch in Tiberius)

Transport Included

– EL flights from London Heathrow to Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv (1 meal included per flight + 23kg luggage allowance)

– Transfers and full touring for the week in a fully Air conditioned & Wi-Fi enabled tour coach

Gratuities, Tips

– These are included!

Your Itinerary Highlights:

– 3 Full days touring in Jerusalem

– 2 Full days touring in Galilee Area

– 1 Full day at the Dead Sea

– 4 Special Worship events with Pastor Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince, Brian & Jenn Johnson from Bethel Music.

*£1639 per person

*Price is based on two people sharing a double/twin room (Single travelers will require a further supplement of £330)

Deposit: £250 per person (Full balance due by 8th January 2018)

 Not Included: Lunches except where mentioned & Travel Insurance

Itinerary may be altered or sequence changed based on local prevailing conditions.

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